Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Dumbing of America

Have you noticed every year or so there is a disease in the spotlight? You hear about it in all the media and countless commercials. Have you also noticed every year there is a new drug to treat the "new disease"?

Labeling a given set of symptoms and treating them with pharmacologics as though they were diseases, is a financial windfall for the pharmaceutical companies. I can't wait to see what new "disease" they come out with next!

Diabetes is not a disease. Osteoporosis isn't either. Neither is GERD, or IBS. These are disorders of lifestyle not diseases. Yet people are popping pills to treat diabetes, osteoporosis, GERD and IBS, all the while living with the side effects. Do they change their lifestyle? No. It's so much easier to pop a pill without even thinking of the consequences.

You've heard drug commercials that imply Osteoporosis causes weak bones. But the truth is Osteoporosis is caused by diet and lack of exercise. Osteoporosis is the result NOT the cause.

"Osteoporosis is due to long-term bone disease caused by the American diet. The acid and protein from the meat and dairy products damage the bone tissues, thus causing calcium and other bone materials to be lost through the kidneys. Deficiencies of vitamins, minerals, and other plant-food-derived nutrients further contribute to the deterioration of the bones. This is why the heaviest consumers of milk and meat in the world – Americans and Europeans – have the weakest, sickest bones."
- Dr John McDougall in his newsletter March 2005

Be a sedentary slug while consuming a diet of refined carbohydrates and meat protein and diabetes will be on your life menu. According to all the commercials just pop a pill to correct your dietary excesses and laziness. But wait! That's crazy! Drugs most often treat SYMPTOMS not the CAUSE. Not to mention drugs come with side effects because drugs most usually are synthetic compilations of chemicals which do not belong in your body.

What is a body to do? Go see your physician for a complete physical. Get his/her OK to begin an exercise regimen. Turn off the tv, get off the couch, move your body! Find a sport or exercise you enjoy! Think about what you eat before you eat it. Processed foods are not nourishing. Chronic illness statistics are exploding because the body cries out for what it doesn't get. When the body cries out it's not crying out for synthetic drugs, it's crying out for nutrients not drugs. Nutrients stave off the cause of chronic illness. Nutrients are the tools the immune system uses for healing.

Folks, it's time to take responsibility for your health. Stop falling for the dumbing of America by the pharmaceutical companies. True wellness is not found in pharmaceutical drugs. True wellness is found in responsibly taking care of yourself nutritionally, physically and emotionally.

Wishing you wellness and joy always!

Pam (c) 2005 by Pam Murphy,B.S.,RRT All Rights Reserved