Sunday, October 16, 2005


I was watching a dance competition on tv the other day. The fluidity of the dancers movement was absolutely stunning. I was riveted to the tv. The dance was beautiful. It struck me that life is a dance. Sometimes it steps on our toe. Sometimes we sit on the sidelines. Other times we are joined to life in a fluid dance.....because we are meant to dance......

Are you dancing with life? Or sitting on the sidelines?

Even when life is dysfunctional with illness we can still dance with life. We can still dance because each of us has something special, something unique to give to this world. But when life is dysfunctional because of illness we need to take care of ourselves in an even more caring way. The drugs we take rob our bodies of nutrition, which makes nutrition even more important.

How far ahead of his time was Thomas Edison when he said:

"The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition."

Or was he not ahead of his time? Did most of his contemporaries (and most modern physicians) just ignore wisdom from long ago?

"Let food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be food." Hippocrates

Despite all the advertising to the contrary health and wellness does not come in a pill.True wellness is much more than suppressing a symptom with a pill. Or as in many lupus patients lives ten or 12 or more prescriptions.

And I can hear you now asking, "Pam are you suggesting I not take my meds?"
The short answer to that is "no".

What I suggest to you today is that you CHANGE the things in your life which you can, which do not promote wellness. I personally know people with lupus, who smoke, still use artificial sweeteners, drink soda and eat processed foods. And because I've walked in their shoes, I know why they continue to do things which are harmful to their health. They don't believe they can ever be well again so why not do what they enjoy. I've even had a person with lupus tell me drinking soda was her last remaining joy in life. She told me in no uncertain terms, no matter what evidence I could show her of the harm it could cause her body she had no intentions of quitting ever.

I wanted to hug her. At that moment she needed a hug more than she needed a lecture about nutrition. I understand the level of despair and lack of hope that would cause someone to have such an attitude. Physicians often don't have anything positive to say to a person with Lupus about their future. It's hard to be positive in the face of being sick 24/7. It's hard to have your life turned upside down and your dreams rerouted.

BUT is giving in and giving up the answer? Isn't it more logical to want to do everything in your power to give your body every chance to regain health? Isn't life worth fighting for? Aren't YOU worth fighting for? I think yes you are! I KNOW life is worth fighting for and I KNOW you are, too.

Though you may be in so much emotional pain from having the rug pulled out from under your life by this wolf called Lupus....that you haven't been able to see it..........

YOU still have a CHOICE!

So CHOOSE LIFE! Choose to make choices in your life, your nutrition and your thoughts which promote wellness. Choose to eat well, to take care of your body and choose your thoughts carefully. Choose a physician who is positive and one you can talk to easily. Wellness is achieved thru a delicate balance of mind, body and spirit.

So please take off those old shoes which don't want to dance and find yourself a new pair of shoes. You've got a lot of dancing still to do.

Wishing you wellness and joy,
Pam Murphy,B.S.,RRT
PS: Stay tuned for future posts RE: choices that promote wellness