Sunday, February 11, 2007

God Bless Anna Nicole

My heart sank when I heard the news about Anna Nicole's passing on the radio as I was driving to work. No I didn't agree with her lifestyle. I wasn't a fan. Only watched her reality series once. I found it too painful to watch. Anyone could see she was a person in trouble. Her death saddened me because no-one's life should be over at 39. What a tragic beginning to her little baby girls life. No matter what her mothers lifestyle was it is a tragedy she will never know her mother.

Anna Nicole was a brand; famous for being famous. I don't believe it will be an enduring fame such as Elvis's. Unlike Elvis she will be forgotten. 99% of us don't live like she did. But we can take a lesson from her life. I believe a high percentage of us take so much about life for granted. The problem with that is life can be so much more when you are mindful of it's beauty and gifts.

How often do you think about purpose, passion and play in your life?
How often do you mindfully consider the nutrition content of your food?
How often do you take time to slow down, relax and take stock of your life direction? How much daily exercise do you get?
How often do you take a walk in the park or in the woods?
How often do you get in touch with the beauty of nature?
What values do you consider important in your life?

Do you just "go thru the motions" of life? To busy to "think"? How often do you tell yourself you are too busy? Does life consist of work, home, sleep...paycheck on friday? Is your work meaningful to you?

I have a friend who is a professional Life Coach specializing in relationship coaching. She speaks about knowing your "requirements" for a potential spouse. Those qualities in another person you must have for a successful relationship. I believe we also need to formulate "requirements" for life in general. Those things we value which we feel enhance and give meaning to our lives. Some potential requirements could be: gratefulness, forgiveness, playtime, wellness, meditation time, exercise time, meaningful work, volunteer work, etc. I think far too many times we don't stick with our requirements in life. What are your "requirements" for a joyful life?

I believe...well no....I am SURE... we are intended to have a life of purpose, passion, wellness and joy! You have an opportunity to live every day of your life to the fullest extent. If you're spending more time being stressed than joyful, choose to take time to examine why. If you are not connected with your purpose in life, choose to take time to discover it! Set goals which set you on fire with a passion for life! Surround yourself with people who are supportive and positive.

Be mindful of what you put into your body. If it isn't going to honor your wellness don't eat, drink or smoke it. Your body is precious. You are precious. The human body can take a lot of punishment but there is a time when Mother Nature is unforgiving. Change the things in your life which don't promote wellness and joy. Your life can be everything you desire and more. You don't have to fall thru the cracks. Anna Nicole, I believe, for whatever reason, fell thru the cracks. God bless Anna Nicole. May she rest in the peace she didn't have on earth.

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