Friday, July 01, 2005

Repetition and Acceptance....recipe for illness?

Let's see Coke and Pepsi spend millions of dollars per year to program you to drink soda.
Repetition works.

Fast food places spend millions of dollars per year to program you to eat fast food.
Repetition works.

Can you see how this relates to pharmaceutical commercials? And the acceptance of side effects?
Repetition works.

Yes, repetition works. But it only works if you aren't thinking about what you are putting into your body. It only works if you haven't taken responsibility for your wellness.No-one would put water in the gas tank of their car and expect their car to run. Cars run on gasoline.

What you put into your body to "make it run" is as important as the fuel you put in your car. Your body "runs" on nutrients.You can get away for a lot of years with being a couch bum and eating less than nutritiously. But it will eventually catch up with you.

It will catch up with you in the form of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, stroke, etc.If you take care to exercise and put the right nutrients into your body you will greatly lessen the chances of having to succumb to using pharmaceuticals. And you will greatly enhance your quality of life. Think about it.

Wishing you wellness and joy,

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Are you on a fast track......

Did you ever consider injecting yourself with heroin?
Is it perfectly acceptable to you to drink a six-pack every night?

I bet right now you're thinking....."Whoa she's nuts!"

It's amazing the number of people who would not think of doing
the above......but who think nothing of plopping themselves on
the couch to watch TV and wolf down a bag of chips or bowl of
ice cream every night.

Fast track to diabetes and cardiac complications.

The processed food industry has done such a good job of
inundating us with mind-numbing commercials for snack
foods......we don't even think twice anymore about nutritional content
or what our bodies need in order to work properly.

Does your lifestyle need a change?
Change it NOW or deal with the effects of your choices
in the form of illness later.

Here's where to begin:
Think before you eat!!!!!
If you're craving candy try eating a piece of fruit.
If you're craving ice cream try eating some applesauce.
If you're craving cheese puffs try eating carrots.
If you're craving potato chips try eating pretzels or popcorn.

If you make GOOD CHOICES often enough they become
easier and then become a new habit!!!!!!!

Wishing you wellness and joy,

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Today....i would like to give you a short course in reading scientific studies.

You may have read that “The National Cancer Institute’s Breast Cancer Prevention Trial reported that there was a 49 percent decrease in the incidence of breast cancer in women who took tamoxifen for five years.”

The truth is that according to the study, your odds of getting breast cancer without using tamoxifen was only 1.3%, and with tamoxifen it dropped to .68%. That represents a 49% difference between the two numbers (as cited), but just a little over one-half of one-percent difference (.62%) in real terms.

Always ask questions.

And remember this.

There is always a downside to pharmaceuticals. Tamoxifen's downside is that it can cause cancer of the uterus, ovaries, and gastrointestinal tract. In 1996, a division of the World Health Organization, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, declared tamoxifen a Group I carcinogen for the uterus.

Is that risk worth a .62% difference in getting breast cancer?

Yet because of that deceptive 49% statistic millions of women have taken tamoxifen for five years as advised. Doctors have recommended it......Insurance companies have paid for it.....and the pharmaceutical company has marched to the i was saying......the western medical system is broken.

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