Sunday, March 12, 2006

Wellness and the Magic of Harry Potter

Why has Harry Potter and his magical world grabbed the attention of so many people, young and old alike? Because in Harry's world, for a few moments, we can immerse ourselves in and touch magic in another world. Harry Potter is a mythical character but there really is a magic in life, just as Harry Potter has shown us. The magic in and of our lives is a package deal, mind, body and spirit. Ignore or deny one part of the package of who you are and your magic, the wellness of your life, diminishes.

You must have a balance between mind, body and spirit. They are interconnected. If negative, your thoughts and attitudes can play havoc with your body and spirit . If positive your thoughts and attitudes will strengthen your body and spirit. Your physical self wants to be well. In fact, the immune system is "geared" to healing your body. You have seen your body repair itself when you have had a paper cut or a broken bone or the sniffles. Illness is your physical self screaming that it isn't getting what it needs to work optimally. It is your self out of balance. Your physical body doesn't just need vitamins, minerals and glyconutrients. Illness begs the questions; How am I NOT taking care of myself? What do I need to change in my life? Does my life make me happy or am I stressed? One should ask oneself those questions periodically even if not experiencing illness.

In my life, the darkness in my journey with Lupus gave way to a light, to the magic of life, which I may have never seen so well without my lupus journey. Through my journey with Lupus (from which I am about to celebrate 2 yrs in remission), I found magic in THIS world. And you can too! It is our birthright. We are meant to live an abundant and enriched life! Indeed a life with no limits.

My journey back to wellness taught me how we limit ourselves.
We limit ourselves when we:
1. eat unconsciously - without thinking about what's best for our physical self
2. allow negative thoughts and attitudes to dominate
3. live unauthentically
4. settle for less in our relationships
5. fail to exercise regularly
6. fail to take time to be awed, to be grateful, to give back

How many of those can you relate too? Undoubtedly (and unfortunately) this is not an exhaustive list of how we limit ourselves. With a little thought I'm sure you can add to this list. Perhaps, you might give some thought to how you limit yourself and how you can "unlimit" yourself! It is in "unlimiting" yourself; by being willing to change and grow, by taking responsibility for your total wellness, that you will experience life's magic at it's best.

Wishing you wellness and joy,

Pam Murphy,B.S.,RRT
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