Monday, July 03, 2006


At first reading it seems like a stupid question.
Are you ready to get well?
Who wouldn’t rather be well?

In my business I spend countless hours talking to chronically
ill people. Some folks have convinced me they aren’t ready
to be well. There's actually lots of reasons some folks aren't ready
to be well. There's the folks who don't want to make a commitment
to change; the folks who get an inordinate amount of secondary gain
from being ill (this article isn't about them); and the folks who believe
there is no hope for a better life.

Will they increase the servings of salads and veggies in their diet,
cut back on red meat,
eat four fruits a day? No.
Stop eating processed foods? No.
Will they stop drinking soft drinks? No.
Will they stop using fake sweeteners? No.
Will they increase the amount of water they drink? No.
Will they stop smoking? No

Will they reach for another drug? Sadly, yes. Even when they are
on ten different drugs none of which have improved how they feel
or their quality of life; they will return to their physician for yet
another drug. Is this you? Hey don't feel bad. One can only do what
one knows to do. We have been trained to look to our doctors for
answers and doctors have been trained to give us drugs.
Now you're going to learn a better way.

If you keep doing what you’re doing you’re going to keep
getting what you’ve always got. Yes, if you have a chronic
illness you should be under a physicians care. But you
also need to change the things in YOUR life that
aren’t promoting wellness. By the way has your
doctor ever suggested that? Does your doctor ever talk to
you about eating fresh produce? Have you and your
doctor ever talked about what you eat? (did i hear a "no"?)

When it comes down to committing to the actions necessary to regain
their life they find a million reasons why they can’t. Some have
actually told me change is too inconvenient. Some have told
me that enjoying a soda is their one joy in life and they aren’t going to
give it up for anything.

OK. I understand that feeling. I was there once. But what if……
What if the chemicals in that soda are contributing to your
illness? Wouldn’t it be worth stopping to find out?

Is healthful change more inconvenient than illness? Is anything more
inconvenient than illness? I don’t think so. Why would anyone want
to be ill rather than make healthful changes that could give them their
life back? Sometimes it’s so easy to see why these folks are ill. But
there’s nothing I can do to help them until they are ready to help
themselves. It frustrates and saddens me.

I’m sure everyone wants to be well. Nobody likes the inconvenience
or physical and emotional pain illness causes. I think we all need to
understand there is not a good pharmaceutical answer for chronic
illnesses. Drugs treat symptoms not causes.

Nutrition on the other hand works at the level of the cause.

You would not think of putting gas in your car, but ignoring the oil or
transmission fluid. Your car would not run for long. Your body is the
same way. Put in the right nutrients and it works optimally.

Yes! It really is that simple. Your body is capable of healing itself if you
give it the nutrients it needs to do the job. You've seen the body heal
itself when you've had a paper cut or a broken bone. Think about it.
Your immune system can do even more when it's not starved for

Nutrition! That is the key! Unfortunately, we are killing ourselves with
processed foods, green harvesting and fake sweeteners. Do you know
why the government increased the serving amount of veggies on the
food pyramid? Because they KNOW we aren’t getting the nutrients we
need in our food supply. They also have supported the use of supplements,
as has the AMA.

For instance, to get the same amount of Vitamin A that was in one peach in 1953, you would have to eat 50 peaches today. It's that way with all our produce. We can't possibly eat enough to get all the nutrients our body needs.

That's why we MUST supplement.

You know I know what it’s like to be sick 24/7 for years. I know what it’s like to have a doc refer to me as "unfortunate" and "steroid dependent". I know what it’s like to have a disorder docs have no answers for and no real treatment which restores quality of life. I know what it’s like to not have hope for a better future.

Yes I know why it might be hard for you to believe ANYTHING will help. I really understand that. Western medicine tells you there are no answers. But put your disbelief aside and understand what I am telling you is logical and backed by science.

I am talking to you today as I celebrate two years in remission
because I made changes in my life. I took charge and kicked lupus’s
butt for a change. (It feels GOOD.)

YOU are no different than me. YOU CAN TOO!
So are YOU ready?

Will you increase the servings of salads and veggies in your diet,
cut back on red meat,
eat four fruits a day?
Stop eating processed foods?
Will you stop drinking soft drinks?
Will you stop using fake sweeteners?
Will you increase the amount of water you drink?
Will you stop smoking?
Will you commit to a supplement regimen?

If you are ready to get well I am here and more than
ready to help you make the healthful changes you need
to make.

Wishing you wellness and joy,

Pam Murphy,B.S.,RRT

PS: You need to read these books. These three books will change your life.

"Eat To Live" by Joel Fuhrman, MD
"The Healing Power of 8 Sugars" by Allen Somersall, PhD
"The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell, PhD

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