Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Pam's Rant: What Shall We Do?

I'm angry. I'm disgusted. I'm depressed. I'm sick to death of the state of things. And I imagine you are feeling those emotions too. The worst side of human nature is being exibited in the financial woes of Wall Street, the banks and real estate industries. I haven't looked at my 401K. I'm scared to see how much I've lost. How about you? It angers me beyond belief when I hear of the millions of dollars bank CEO's carried away with them. Where's my parachute?

My anger doesn't stop with the financial sector. I got an email today from Citizens for Health regarding the rrBGH in Yoplait yogurt http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/750/t/1086/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=26047 . It's a crime rBGH isn't labeled on the ingredients of the products it is in. Not only is it cruel to cows given it, it is a human health hazard. http://www.centerforfoodsafety.org/rbgh2.cfm . I think all the "Pink" campaigns mostly just make money for the industries promoting "pink" products. We have put billions of dollars into cancer research while cancer has become an industry with hospitals popping up exclusively for treating cancer. We have nearly totally overlooked the fact that the World Health Organization (W.H.O) has stated 70% of all cancers can be prevented thru good nutrition. Where's the nutrition education? Why haven't we seen this on the newspaper front page? I'll tell you why. It doesn't make anyone any money. So here ironically, we have Yoplait pushing their rBGH tainted yogurt and donating to breast cancer when there is a connection between rBGH and breast cancer. Read more: http://www.garynull.com/Documents/erf/breast_cancer_rbgh_and_milk.htm I think we ought tell Yoplait where they can shove their lids ladies! Don't you?

I'm pretty ticked off the health system I work for has decided to make a flu shot mandatory. I have a medical exemption from the flu shot. However, it still ticks me off. Why? Because if a corporation can decide it owns your body and force you to inject toxic poison into your body then we are on the path to lose every freedom this country was founded on. Your body is your most precious asset. No-one should be allowed to tell you what you have to inject into it. Indeed in Seattle a judge in 2006 ruled in favor of a group of nurses who fought a mandatory flu shot rule. They had a union fighting for them. Maybe unions are good things.

And I get ticked when I see pharmaceutical commercials on tv. Drugs do not create health. A healthy immune system creates health and good nutrition creates a healthy immune system. The heart of the problems with the health of the citizens of the United States lies in the reactive nature of our "health system". Diets of primarily processed foods and sedentary lifestyles do not create health. Reaching for the next best drug does not create health. We MUST be proactive and take responsibility for our health. Eating nutritiously and adding regular exercise to our daily routine is a MUST. Illness and old-age infirmities are NOT givens unless you choose a lifestyle of irresponsibility regarding your health.

The pharmaceutical industry with it's commercials and lobbying of our legislators has us like lemmings traipsing to our doctors for the next best script. Wise up folks. Take responsibility for your wellness.

While I'm bitching let's talk about GM (genetically modified) foods. Genetically engineered foods have never been proven safe for human consumption. The media does not report that. In fact, it seems there has been pretty much of a media blackout effort regarding GM foods and the risk that comes with them. It was said they would help feed the world, help the environment. These good things have not happened. In fact, more pesticides/fertilizers are being used. Folks in third world countries are still starving. Food prices haven't decreased and there is scientific evidence there is serious human health risks with it. GM foods are not labeled in the United States but they are either labeled or outright banned in 40 other countries. Certainly we have a right to know what is in our food and/or if it is genetically modified. Why aren't our legislators protecting us?

Educate yourself regarding GM foods:




I look at all the things I am mad about and I see one common thing. I see greed. I see the financial, pharmaceutical and biotech/food industries putting greed above human life. And I see an awful lot of us falling for their nonsense to the detriment of our health.

What Shall We Do?

First, we must each of us take responsibility for our wellness. How do you do that? Start with what you eat. Eat more whole foods. Gradually change your diet till you are eating ONLY whole foods. Your body was not meant to work with the chemicals in processed foods. Support the organic farmers in your area. It is healthiest to eat locally grown foods. You might even, as I did, decide to grow some of your own food. I only have a patio but growing plants in pots I was able to harvest a substantial amount of tomatoes, green beans, peppers and squash this last summer.

Second, add exercise to your daily routine. Find a form of exercise you enjoy. It could be walking, swimming, working out at a gym, working out at home; there's many forms of exercise. Check with your doctor first if you've primarily been sedentary or have any chronic health issues.

Third, get hold of your finances. Stop using credit cards. Get advice from a qualified financial advisor; work out a budget and stick with it. Much of the stress in life today comes from the financial area of our lives. Responsible management of your finances will do much to alleviate stress in your life. Stress is linked to many physical ailments. Need help whittling down your bills? Talk to Leo http://www.leoquinn.com/

In this election year vote wisely. I'm not going to share with you who I'm going to vote for or who you should vote for. But I will tell you you need to vote. Our country is on a precipice. Never in our lifetime has a vote been so important. Here's a comparison of the candidates: http://www.healthcareunited.org/candidates/

I know with recent events you may feel you and I don't have any control. But we do. We have our vote and our voice. We have the ability to take responsibility for our health and our finances. We really are in control if we choose to be.

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Carl said...

Marge and I use a debit card and nowadays a pretty strict budget. We have to, until at least 7/2009, at which point Marge can earn as much as she wants without losing Social Security payments.

Recently she cut back her 401K contributions to almost zero, in order to get more take home pay, and also because the money that goes into 401K HAS to go into the hospital corporation that she works for - their stock - which consistently loses money!

That should be criminal, IMO.

We know who we're voting for, also.